Interpreter service

We offer experienced and highly qualified interpreters in most languages, such as Somali, Amharic, Persian, Swahili, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Pashto, and Sorani etc.

Interpreter for your needs

On site

Our interpreter will meet you personally in your office, in court, at the criminal court etc.

telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting can be a solution for you who want to get an interpreter quickly.

Video interpretation

Here the same conditions apply as for telephone interpretation.

Why Choose Find Interpreters

Our interpreters are registered with the Kammarkollegiet and we use good translational practices.

Access 24x7

We have interpreters around the clock

Multi Lagrange interpreters

We have interpreters for most languages

Video, telephone and on site

Our interpreters can adapt to your needs

About our services


Phone Interpretation

Telephone interpretation can be the solution in a number of situations where otherwise it would not have been possible, or associated with high costs, to get an interpreter to show up. This can be, for example, in very short conversations or in situations where large distances make it difficult to get a qualified interpreter on time.


On site interpretation

On-site \ Attendance interpreting is the most common form of interpretation within the municipal government and is used, for example, during conversations, meetings, presentations, teaching, training courses, etc. In this form of interpretation, the interpreter is present at the place where the intended interpretation is.


video Interpretation

Video interpretation means that the interpreter is not physically present without being interpreted via a screen. The simple description is that an interpreter sits in one of Tolkdanmark's video centers and translates the customer's conversation with, for example, another person via screen. Video interpretation is considered a good alternative to presence interpretation.